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¿How can I change my mood?

¿How can I change my mood? - INNERGREENCBD

"Moods," which plainly mean emotional condition or state of mind, are —contrary to emotions—a feeling that can last for hours, sometimes even days, and can be difficult to shake.


Usually, when the mood is positive, it allows us to carry out our daily activities and help us fulfill our goals and purposes, but what happens when our state does not help us? What do we do when we feel sad and do not want to do ANYTHING? And yet, we have to work. Well, we have news for you: You can change your mood, just like that! It is not easy, of course, but you can achieve it with a series of steps and recommendations. Let's see what the experts say. 


The first step is to identify what your mood is; they can be divided into 3: 


  • Mood A: Unsafe.
    You think that your competitors can become better than you and that you are not good enough. You also believe that you cannot achieve a specific activity or goal you have set for yourself, making you falter.

  • Mood B: Irritated.
    You think that what you are doing prevents you from doing what you really want, so everything seems annoying. Something like: "Stupid fly, do not exist near me!" is just an example of how tiny things can bother you. Things that should not annoy you, such as watching a movie or listening to your favorite song, but you really don't know why.

  • Mood C: Confidence.
    You have security and confidence in yourself. You think that when you give your best in any activity, it is most likely that the outcome will be successful, or even if things turn out differently than you have planned, it does not matter; you will find a way to achieve it. 


The second step is to find the state of mind you want to reach and see the conditions to achieve it. Focus on these 6 things that can help you change your state of mind: 


  1. Purpose. Think about why you want to achieve what you are doing. It can be because you have to finish studying to pass your exam and get a better job, or even I have to eat to stay healthy at this time of my life. 

  2. Find your place. The environment you are in ultimately influences your mood. If you need to study, it is better to find a table or desk in a quiet room than go to the coffee shop where you might meet distracting friends. Going back to the food example, you can go to a restaurant where you can have delicious food waiting for you. 

  3. Get close to people. Think, Who can help you feel the way you need to feel? A classmate who can focus is a better study partner than a friend who talks a lot. Sometimes just thinking about a particular person is enough to help you feel safe, inspired, strong, or supported. 

  4. Get the right external conditions. Be creative! You can turn up the light in your room to read better, take a cold bath to relieve the heat, or even talk to that person who always cheers you up and reminds you how valuable you are. 

  5. Be aware of your body. Move your body into the right mood. To study, try exercises that help you focus on your physical postures like yoga or Tai Chi. Wear the athletic outfit you love so much. If you need energy, do a workout that raises your heart rate, whereas if you have trouble sleeping, try deep breathing, gentle stretching exercises, or other relaxing activities. 

  6. Listen to yourself. Identify the inner dialogue you are having at that moment and try to replace it with the conversation that works for you. If there is a voice that tells you, "We are not going to be able to with that mountain!" Look in your box of phrases for one that helps you; for example, "do you remember when you went out on a bike for more than two hours even though you thought you couldn't, but you did it?" We all have a powerful ally or enemy inside our heads, but remember, you have to control them and not let them control you.


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